My name is Bill Le Couteur, I am the editor of this blog.  I have done this on behalf of Don Olliff, who was the organiser of  Friends of the Solent Flying Boat. Don passed away late in 2014. My father was Cliff Le Couteur, who flew flying boats in World War 2 and after the war worked as a Pilot for TEAL, the fore runner to Air New Zealand.

Here is a short notice from Don Olliff, who was the organiser of Friends of the Solent Flying Boat:

The original Solent Preservation Society was formed in approx 1982 to retrieve-restore and maintain ZK-AMO and with much of the objectives achieved it was decided to dissolve the Society in 2005.

At that time there was an obvious need for some medium for Retired TEAL Staff of the Solent era to maintain contact and friendship.

To this end the “Friends of the Solent Flying Boat “was instituted and has proved to be very successful. It is a very informal group-no fees-no membership rules-just a current mailing list of approx 95.

We have a Get-Together every six months in the form of a substantial Morning Tea and average approx 70 attendees.  There are normally several short presentations on Solent Historical matters and lots of nostalgia and most importantly bonding of long term friendships.

(Editors note: The information below is a mailing address, but to prevent spam descending in great numbers to Bill’s computer mailbox, we have to disguise it from web robots that comb the internet looking for email addresses.  So you have to use human intelligence to figure out his email! The hyphens have been put there to confuse the robots.)

If you want to add comments, or supply material to add to this page, eem Bill Le Couteur (the editor of this post) at blecouteur theaatthing xtra dott co dodt nz. You can phone him on 828-4060, which is an Auckland number.

MoTaT Management and Staff are very supportive of our Group and of course we maintain close contact with the Volunteer Team who tend to the ongoing welfare of ZK-AMO.

The plan is to accept text and photos from members. It can also be used as a means of communicating upcoming events.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I joined TEAL as an apprentice 27 April 1954, (aircraft intruments), I loved the job and was lucky enough to be sent to work as a ground engineer in Suva during the last year of the Coral Route. I am now 74yrs and miss my life and excitement at that time. I have lived in the UK since 1963 and worked many years in Africa, SA & Malaw, mainly as a Mining Engineer. My life has been full of adventure, but still think about my youth with TEAL.
    Would dearly love to have contact with any from those days or join any organisation to talk about old wonderful days.

  2. Dear Sir
    Do you know of any flying boats scheduled for Portsmouth/Solent flights in Spring 2014?
    My father is an enthusiast from his childhood and has always wanted to see/visit.
    It would be a wonderful surprise for his 75th birthday.
    I would really appreciate your thoughts on opportunities
    please respond to kris@incadesign.co.uk

  3. Almost certainly your only option would be a Catalina flight.
    I see that the Catalina Society in the UK has some events scheduled:
    Abingdon Air & Country Show 4 May, 2014
    Celebrating 50 years of the friends of our Collection 11 May, 2014 Biggleswade
    ILA Berlin Air Show 2014 23 May, 2014
    F17-70 ÅrFlygvapnets flygdag 1 June, 2014 Ronneby F17-70 ÅrFlygvapnets flygdag
    Historical Airshow Mladá Boleslav 14 June, 2014 293 01 Mladá Boleslav
    Northern Ireland’s 2014 Armed Forces Day Event 21 June, 2014 Newtownards

    Suggest you contact them at http://www.catalina.org.uk/catalina-contact

    Peter Lewis

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