These are a few pictures from Rui Cristina of Portugal, who had this model made for him.
You can find my many models at:
Click here to view the model of the Solent ZK-AMO
Click here to see even more of my many models as a Photobucket Slide Show
If you just want to see enlarged pictures of the ones below, just click on a picture. To get back to normal, press the ESC button on the top right of the screen.



2 thoughts on “Models

    • Hi Robert
      I will send you some stuff by email. I work as a CAD draftsman and at one stage attempted to create a 3D model of a Solent. I lost interest after half completing it. I did find a place on the net that sold good plans, but I just wanted an approximate model, so I made do with a few pdfs and jpgs. I am not sure if any of our members have such plans and if they did could they be persuaded to get them scanned. I guess they would be A1 or A0 size, so not a cheap exercise. You are welcome to my half completed Autocad model.

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