004.  Empire Flying Boat Mechanics bay 003.  Empire Flying Boat Mechanics bay 001. Short S.30 Empire flying boat Info sheet 005. 2 Empire Class FBs & 2 SunderlandsFlying boat zk-amb Flying boat zk-ama-landingzk-amo-on-slipway zk-amc-in-the-air-1 zk-amc-at-hobsonville wall-mounted-model teal-zk-amo-modified swimmers-001 solent-taking-off-1 solent-on-take-off solent-landing-1 solent-information-1 solent-flying-in-tropics1 solent-bora-bora-on-proving-flight solent-aranui-1 solent-aotearoa-1 solent-anchored-1 Solent taking off Fiji Solent slipway Solent 1954 service-launch1 poster-1 out-of-water mechanics-bay-in-1940 mechanics-bay-air-terminal-1 mechanics-bay-4 mechanics-bay-3 mechanics-bay-2 mechanics-bay-1 last-flying-boat-to-leave-syd-for-akzk-aml interior-shot-2 flying-boat-zk-amm-lowres flying-boat-zk-amg-lowres flying-boat-zk-amd-lowres flying-boat-tasman flying-boats-x-3 flying-boat first-solent-arriving-from-belfast engines-test-bed-1 engines-mechanics-14 engines-mechanics-12 engines-mechanics-11 engines-mechanics-10 engines-mechanics-9 engines-mechanics-8 engines-mechanics-7 engines-mechanics-6 engines-mechanics-5 engines-mechanics-4 engines-mechanics-3 engines-mechanics-2 christmas-card-1940 certificate awarua-taking-off-01 036TEAL  PBY5A Catalina ZK-AMP 035Solent ZK-AMO Aranui at Transport Museum 034Solent ZK-AMO Aranui at Aitutaki 033Solent Aotearoa 2 take off 032Solent engine 031Solent Tail maintenance 030Solent ZK-AMN Awatere in Evans Bay 029Solent RMA Ararangi 028Solent taxiing in lagoon 027Solent ZK-AMN Awatere loading mail 026Solent Front Vestibule 025Solent interior 024Solent Bar Service 023Solent Galley Bob Chiddick 022Solent passengers dining 021Landing Stage Mechanics Bay 020Solent Aotearoa 2 cabin crew uniform 019Passengers & crew ferried to Solent in Wellington 018Solent Eddie Tredrea navigator 017Solent cockpit 016Solent Aotearoa 2 inflight 02 015Solent Aotearoa 2 infligh tcolour 014Solent under construction 013Solent specification 012Sandringham in flight 011Sandringham refuel 010Sandringham engine 10-19-20092-1 10-19-2009-2 10-19-2009 009Sandringham ZK-AMH Auckland 008Sandringham ZK-AMD taxiing 007Sandringham ZK-AMB moored 006Sandringham specification 005Short S.30 Empire flying boat 004Empire Flying Boat ZK-AMA in lagoon at sunset 003Empire Flying Boat & Clipper 002Empire Class flying boats 2 plus 2 Sunderlands 001Short S.30 Empire flying boat Info sheet Solent site 03 cliff-and-phil enhanced Solent site 01 wartime-now-peacetime enhancedHere they come! More photos will be added slowly over the coming months.


2 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Just found a postcard that my father wrote in 1951 or 1952 -A Teal Souvenir, from Sydney to Auckland and looked up the site on internet.
    Great and l was on this flying boat !!

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