Teal Staff 1950


One thought on “Teal Staff 1950

  1. Saturday February 11th 2012
    I am engrossed, reading & seeing such a wonderful history of TEAL on the Internet.
    My interest was sparked on the discovery of the Delivery Diary “Aotearoa” New Zealand’s No 1, in my possession with photos & memorabilia of my late father. This was accompanied with a written note from Joy Hanna 15th November 1989 to say “I am sure you will enjoy the Diary”.
    Dad died at 94yrs in November 2009, Mum, Dorothy (Dot) died at 89yrs in 2006.
    My father: Albert Barnard (Barney) was with TEAL from 1944 – 1953 a Senior Flight Steward.
    I am his eldest daughter (73) living in Australia & have always remembered (at least I think I have) the flight route to Ireland in ? 1948: Auckland, Sydney, Darwin, Singapore, Calcutta, Karachi, Cairo, (Castle Bonito, I can’t find this on the map so I’m unsure of this stop), London.
    My understanding of the mission was to look at galley design for the Flying Boats.
    This flight must have left quite an impression on a 9 year old.

    Dad’s cross Tasman flights influenced the decision to move our family with three daughters to Sydney in October 1956. On visits to Auckland over the years to visit family, Mum & Dad kept in touch with some TEAL contacts.

    For the celebration of Dad’s 90th, April 30th 2005 his four grandsons accompanied him on a Seaplane flight out of Rose Bay over Sydney & its surrounds. Dad had Dementia & was cautiously mobile, so with assistance climbed in for the flight. The grin on his face, surrounded by his grandsons told the story when he greeted the family back at the pontoon. Yes, he knew that feeling but wasn’t able to express in words how it felt. The celebrations went on.

    Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on those years so long ago.
    Pat Fulton (nee Barnard)
    Berrima NSW

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