002. 1st arrival Empire-Class  AKL 007. Empire Flying Boat as a Cafe.


One thought on “ZK-AMA

  1. The 2nd part of the caption under the photo of “Aotearoa” ZK-AMA is incorrect. The second of the Empire flying boats intended for TEAL (the first of the 3 to fly) was launched as G-AFCZ with Imperial Airways name on it and was never given ZK-AMB. It still carried the British registr when the Basra mishap occured. After it was returned to England & repaired, it was given the new name “Clare” and remained with Imperial/BOAC for the rest of its short life. Because ZK-AMB had never been used (only allocated), the 1st of the Sandringhams for TEAL was given ZK-AMB, & this must have caused some confusion is some minds when ZK-AMB “Tasman” was moored or parked at Auckland alongside ZK-AMC “Awarua” in 1946-47. It would have appeared that the 1st of the ‘boats to replace the 2 Empire S.30s was as old as them!

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