Just to let people not in the loop know, Don Olliff, the organiser for The Friends of the Solent Flying Boat has recently passed away.

It was a privilege to have had a very small contact with Don.

I have amended the first post of this blog, removing his email.






A Long Time Ago…

A long time ago….Hi there,  I was a passenger from Sydney to Auckland in January 1954. I was about 3  1/2 years old. I clearly remember parts of the trip. I can identify the  lower deck seat I sat in. I remember building a tower of blocks and  balancing a Dinky toy Holden ute on the tower until a shudder from  turbulence would topple it. One of the hostesses had a distinctive mole  on her cheek. I am interested in your emails. i am aware that I was privileged to  travel on the last of the great luxury airliners of the slow flight era.  i have had fun since then to add a DC-3 and a Convair also Widgeons and  Goose and Cessna float-plane to the tally. I wonder if that early flight gave me some of my fascination with  aeroplanes ever since.

Peter Lewis-Wings Over New Zealand Forum

Here is a message from Peter Lewis, which may be of interest:

I have posted some notes on the TEAL flying boats plus a considerable number of photos at the Wings Over New Zealand forum:

You may find them of interest.
You would be very welcome to join the forum and tell us of your experiences with these Empire, Sunderland, Solent and Catalina boats.

Updates: ZK-AMO Refurbishment October 2011

The Volunteer Group under the guidance of Norm McKelvey are now focusing on the refurbishment of ZK-AMO exterior and the Pics will give some indication of the work involved.

The skin replacement on the lower hull is extensive and the clean down and repaint of the aircraft will be time consuming and weather dependent.
The Solent is expected to be moved into the Aviation Hall in March 2012